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about us

We could tell you all about our awards. We could regale you with testimonials, and tales of our success. But if it’s one thing we’ve learnt in over 20 years of design, it’s to listen. Because the environments and interiors we create are not about us. They’re about you. By seriously listening to what our clients want, we work to discover what they never knew they needed.


As a full service architectural interior design studio, we set ourselves apart by taking the time to meticulously assess, investigate and plan the way a space can look, feel – and most importantly – work for you. Using a holistic, multidisciplinary approach we help clients to realize the full potential of their environment, while expressing themselves in the fullest, most authentic way they can. From our Miami studio we bring each individual solution to life, managing the design, planning and construction of every single project, every step of the way.

With the skill and knowledge to create the outstanding, the timeless, and the cutting edge, we take our design inspiration from a single source: you.


We don’t do off-the-shelf. And we don’t do one-size-fits-all. What we do do however is highly individual architectural interior design, across a broad range of sectors. From the private to the commercial, browse our projects and find some inspiration of your own.



allen saunders

Allen Saunders is a designer, collaborator, consultant, and craftsman.

Driven by a desire to help people live better, he established his own practice with a single aim: to bridge the gap between how spaces look and how people are able to live. Searching for the grander narrative that weaves every project together, his uniquely thoughtful approach aims to fulfill the potential of every space, creating impactful schemes that heighten the senses and uplift the spirit.

With a love for the timeless and the enduring, Allen’s style is characterized by crafted elements and customized textiles. Collaborating with world-class artisans and makers, he combines classic design pieces with works by the very best new and emerging artists.

Based in Miami, Allen has spent 20 years building a reputation as one of the most original and versatile interior designers working today. With a portfolio that includes projects from across the US, he is the recipient of eight ASID Design Excellence awards.

Rondon Stephanie 38272 b w for web

stephanie rondon

After finishing architectural school in Venezuela, Stephanie swore she’d never return to education again. However, two years later she found herself in the US with a student visa and enrolled in an interior design course. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since gaining her degree from Miami International University of Arts and Design, Stephanie has finally found her true passion. With a background in institutional architecture and technical fabrics, she has translated her experience into a flair for fine detail, and graphic finishes.

A dedicated and adaptable designer with a commitment to going the extra mile, Stephanie is constantly searching to find new and exciting solutions for every project.

mercedes castillo