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grande este way boca raton, fl


scope: interior architectural design for new build residence

proj. type: single family residence

home size: 7000 sq ft.

location: boca raton fl

photographer: carlos domenech photography

the young family was about to embark upon building their first custom home set out to find a design team who shared their affinity for clean lines and comfort in a modern space. a magazine editorial feature serendipitously ended up in the homeowner’s hands that initiated a phone call to the studio of allen saunders design.

the new build home, located in a private boca raton enclave, would be neutral in coloration, simple in design, and exude an understated sophistication. those were the required terms and those were the successful results. the design team reorganized the architect-designed space plan to incorporate additional views to the exterior areas and increase natural light flow. strong detailing was developed using drywall and millwork in monochromatic neutral tones set the background for layers of rich materials and minimalist furnishings.

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diplomat parkway

hollywood, fl

isla verde

delray beach, fl
04 A

grande este way

boca raton, fl